The outdoor soccer fields are located at Unity Reed High School on Rixlew Lane next to Wal-Mart, Manassas Mall.

All games are played on Sundays.

Unity Reed High School
8820 Rixlew Lane
Manassas, VA 20109

Rules and Regulations


Teams are required to have matching numbered uniforms. Cleats and shin guards are required at all times. No metal cleats are allowed. No exceptions. Coaches are required to wear shirt provided by the league. Correct ball size must be used as specified by FIFA.

Coaches/Assistant Coaches:

As the representatives of the team, coaches/assistant coaches are responsible for passing on any information that Real Mundial FC needs to communicate to each player. It is the responsibility of the coach/assistant coach to ensure that his team is aware of the rules of the game and league policies. Every team must have an assistant coach.

Player Cards:

All players must present an official league player card in order to play in any division. Player cards will be given to the coach. An ID is required to obtain a player card. Veterans league players must show proof of age.

Player cards will be checked by the referee 10 minutes prior to the start of each game. It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure that all players are ready. The referee will check player cards against the official team roster and collect the player cards and return the cards at the end of each game. Exception to this rule: If a coach accidently left passes at home, the team will have until half time to produce the player cards or be subject to a forfeit.

The player card of any player receiving a red card during a game will be confiscated and held with the leagues officials until the player has served their suspension time after which time the card can be picked up by the coach. Real Mundial FC has the right to deny any player a Player Card.

Team Rosters:

A player may only be rostered to one team. The coach will receive an official team roster. A team will subject to an automatic forfeit a game if a non-registered player is put on a roster or found playing on the field. It is the responsibility of the coach/assistant coach to know which players are rostered on his team. Real Mundial FC reserves the right to check the player card of any player on a roster at any time to ensure teams have followed this policy. Mandatory roster checks by league officials will be conducted for all playoff and championship games or at any time at the discretion of the league.

A team suspecting an illegal player associated with the other team, should inform the league officials immediately. In addition, the team should file a formal protest to the league officials after the completion of the game.

Official Games:

A game is considered “official” after one completed half of play. If there are unforeseen circumstances due to weather or serious injury, the current score will stand as official once a half has been played.


Coach/team managers must notify the league officials of Real Mundial FC of their intent to forfeit at least 1 week prior to the game. Real Mundial FC will then notify the other team. If a team shows up to play and the opposing team does not show up within the 15 minute grace period, the team present will win by forfeit. In the case of a forfeited game, players from the team are normally allowed to use the field, to practice, scrimmage, etc. However, Real Mundial FC reserves the right to use the field, at that time, for other activities at the discretion of management.

Forfeiture will be incurred if a team fails to field the minimum number of players within fifteen minutes from the start of the game clock. The minimum number of players required to begin or continue a match is seven when playing eleven a side.

Any team no-show will result in a 3-0 victory for opposing team. The game will not be rescheduled.

After the first forfeit, the team that forfeited will receive a warning. If a team forfeits two times in one session, the team will be pulled from the league and registration money will be not be refunded.


Individuals are expected to play within the rules of the game and to the best of their ability to avoid causing injury to themselves and other players. Coaches are expected to be maintain professional behavior at all times. Coaches verbally abusing referees or league officials will be suspended. It is the responsibility of the coach/assistant coach to ensure that the behavior of team parents or fans is acceptable and within normal standards of behavior. A warning will be issued to the coach for failure of the team parents/fans to adhere acceptable behavior. Continued unacceptable behavior (verbal abuse to players, parents, referees, league officials or other coaches) will result in the parents/player being banned from the league.


Referees appointed to officiate each game have complete authority on the field of play, and their decisions are final. Officiating will be monitored and assessed periodically by the league. Real Mundial FC will not overturn any calls made by the referee during the course of a game.

Complaints regarding referees should be submitted in writing via email. Please include the game date, time, and field number, and your name and the name of your team. Real Mundial FC will review complaints written 24 hours after a game.  No verbal or written complaints will be accepted immediately following a game.

If referees are delayed, the game may be started using volunteers, if both teams agree. If teams do not agree, the game will be rescheduled at a later date which can include Saturday.


The Rules below are either substituted for, or supplemental to FIFA soccer rules. Any situations not covered below fall under the jurisdiction of FIFA.


Five substitutions are allowed during a game in the Champions League. Players substituted cannot return to the field of play. Veterans league players have free and unlimited substitution as long as such substitutions do not interfere with the flow of the game. Substitutions are allowed prior to a throw-in by the team in possession (both teams may substitute players if the team in possession is substituting), prior to a goal kick, after a goal is scored, at halftime, for an injured player and after a player receives a yellow card at the request of the coach. Substitutes must be standing at midfield when a substitution is requested. Substitutes may be made with the consent of the referee. Each substitution must wait until the player they are substituting for is off the field before they can enter. Teams that violate this rule will be given a warning by the referee for having too many players on the field.

Out of Bounds

Balls that go out of bounds will be given to the team the opposing team.

Free Kicks:

Free kicks can be direct or indirect. On all free kicks, the defensive team must remain ten feet from the ball until the ball is kicked. Only one whistle will be sounded for free kicks.

Slide Tackling:

Slide tackling is allowed.


Teams and spectators must be on opposing sides. The home team decides which side. All spectators must stay between the tops of the penalty boxes. Spectators or coaches/assistant coaches are NOT allowed behind or next to the goals.

Penalty Kicks:

Penalty kicks shall be taken from the penalty area near the top the keeper box.

Yellow and Red Cards:

All cards given by referees are final and are not subject to protest.

Yellow Card Policy:

Any player that receives two yellow card in a game will count as a red card. The player will be sent off the field and the team will play down for the duration of the game. Any player that accumulates three yellow cards during the season will be suspended for 1 game.

Red Card Policy:

Any player that receives a red card shall be sent completely off the playing area and will not be allowed to return.

A player or coach that is red carded during a game by a referee will be suspended for the next league game. Any team that causes a game to be called by the referee before time has expired due to unsportsmanlike conduct or extreme unsafe play shall forfeit the game.

Real Mundial FC has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY toward fighting. Anyone fighting will be ejected and banned from further participation.


Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. Any tie breakers shall be determined in the following order:

  • The team with the most points
  • Goal differential (Most goals scored minus goals against)


The eight top teams for each division will advance to the playoffs as determined by the general table. In the first round games will be played according to the table below. The winner of each game will advance to the next round. In case of a tie, the team with a higher position in the general table will advance to the next round. In the second round teams will play according to the chart below. In case of a tie, the teams will go into penalties. Championship games resulting in a tie will go into overtime. If a ties continues after the end of overtime then the teams will go into penalties. Third place games will follow the same format as the championship games.

First Round Second Round Championship Game Third Place Game
Team 1 v Team 8 Game 1 Winner 1 v Winner 4 Winner of Game 1 v

Winner of Game 2

Losing team of Game 1 v

Losing Team of Game 2

Team 2 v Team 7
Team 3 v Team 6 Game 2 Winner 2 v Winner 3
Team 4 v Team 5


Real Mundial FC will award team trophies and player medals to first and second place teams.

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